The Life in Canada Blog started as an idea in my mind, and after years of brewing, I'm excited to finally share my experience with the world. As I see more people wanting to move to Canada and the country making efforts for more relaxed immigration policies, I hope this blog can provide meaningful information and maybe even change someone's life for the better.

Canada is a beautiful country, with four distinct seasons that make life feel like a wild ride. Whether it's cold, warm, wet, or hot, there's always something to look forward to. If you're forward-looking, Canada is the destination for you.

My journey to Canada began with the idea of living here for five years and then returning to India, where I was born and raised. However, after a decade of living in Canada, I now call it my home.

I came to Canada with an open mind, eager to study, experience a different part of the world, and immerse myself in the northern culture and global diversity. Even though I loved my life in India, I thought I'd take advantage of the CIC's 5-year plan - 2 years of study and 3 years of work permit - to earn back the cost of my education. But after living in Canada for five years, I fell in love with the country and all it has to offer.

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